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Limitless Tree Solutions are tree removal specialists. When we remove a tree, we ensure everything is done properly the first time with the right equipment. Safety is our prime objective and we go above and beyond to make sure that your property is well cared for while work is in progress.

Trees can be aesthetically pleasing and provide great shade and shelter from the elements but in severe conditions or if undetected damage occurs, the same tree or its overhanging branches can cause untold damage to the surrounding property including your home and external structures or furniture. They can also pose a safety risk to family or in public places due to their size or age. It is not only the visible parts of a tree that can have damaging effects. A tree’s root system can be very evasive causing foundations, footpaths, driveways and even swimming pools to crack. They can also interfere with underground pipes and services.

Whether a tree in question has been damaged by rough weather, blocking planned construction areas or harbouring pests, Limitless Tree Solutions is your tree removal specialists. We guarantee that you will receive the highest level of service and care, from beginning to end. Call anytime to speak to one of our fully qualified tree lopping experts and arrange a time for us to visit your home or business and we’ll take care of removing fallen, damaged or unwanted trees. Cleaning up the mess once we have finished is all part of the service.


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If you have concerns about a tree, our expert team can survey the area and will identify a problem or potential future hazard and recommend the appropriate course of action. Keep in mind that not all trees need to be cut down completely. In some cases, a tree can be saved or have the risk element removed by clearing or lopping unnecessary, excess, diseased or damaged branches and tree limbs.

Every attempt will be made to preserve and save a tree but in extreme circumstances or if too much risk or damage is associated to the tree, the last resort will be to remove it and that’s when you need the experience and knowledge of a qualified arborist to make the call and coordinate the removal. We are experts in tree removal and are fully equipped with the proper tools and machinery to handle both large and small projects in open and confined spaces.


Adam from Limitless Tree Solutions was punctual, professional and provided good value for money. I would recommend his service to others. Thank you for the brilliant results!

Stuart - Manly, QLD