Stump Grinding


If you have just had a tree cut down or want to free up a larger usable area in your property where an existing tree stump is located, you will find that stump grinding is the quickest, most cost effective and environmentally safe method of removing a tree stump.

Limitless Tree Solutions is your Brisbane based stump grinding specialists. Our team of highly skilled arborists have years of valuable insight and knowledge to help assess what is required and give an accurate appraisal and quote to remove any troublesome tree stumps. Specialised machinery is required to grind a tree stump and we have a range of equipment designed for any job, big or small and even in confined work spaces and areas with limited accessibility.

If left unattended, a tree stump can potentially reshoot new growth regularly which can become annoying and unsightly. It can also harbour many varieties of pests and vermin such as termites, cockroaches, mice and snakes. Whether you want to make an area safer or generally improve the appeal of your property, stump grinding is the best method to reclaim that unused and unsightly part of your yard.

As a tree stump is being worked on, the grinder turns the stump into mulch which can be reused to fill the hole left by the stump. Any excess mulch is an excellent organic material that can be used to form a rich compost to improve your existing soil which your plants will greatly benefit from. Because of the precision and accuracy of our equipment, you can be assured that neighbouring plants or features within close proximity will not be harmed or damaged in any way.


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Contact our friendly team of tree experts and they will give you valuable advice for the best course of action. Because of our extensive experience, you can be assured that the quality of our workmanship is excellent. We are passionate about what we do and are happy to take on any project.

We specialise in all aspects of Tree Services in all types of conditions and in large or confined environments so if you need a tree, or multiple trees completely removed, we can take care of that for your too and then grind the stumps leaving you with an open, clear and flat area to remodel into a more useful and workable part of your property. Our service includes removing any excess debris and cleaning up after ourselves before we leave.


Adam offered a competitive service and more importantly for me his communication the whole time was fantastic.

Rob Bailey - Westlake, QLD