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Palm trees can create a very relaxed and tropical feeling around your property and fit in perfectly with our South East Queensland tropical climate. While they are the ultimate resort style tree, many varieties of palms can require very high maintenance and palm tree cleaning is a must. Therefore we recommended that a regular care plan is put in place. We would rather keep them looking their best and ensuring a safe environment for your family, friends and pets.

Palm Tree Cleaning Brisbane

Limitless Tree Solutions are specialists in palm cleaning for Brisbane and surrounding areas and can even arrange to remove unwanted or damaged palms.

Palm trees are quite manageable when they are small and newly planted, but can grow tall very quickly in our climate. Due to this rapid growth, new fronds will force through causing older large and heavy fronds to droop and hang down. As a result, this can create an unsightly view and potential hazards from falling branches and seeds.

Palm Tree Removal Brisbane

In some instances we understand that palm tree removal may be the best option and we also offer this as a service. Our team are fully equipped with the necessary tools, latest technology and years of experience. Consequently, we believe we are the best team to care for your palms and keep them cleaned and pruned.

Regular care and maintenance will promote good health and visual appeal of your palms all year round. If timed correctly, you can eliminate the mess of seeds dropping all over your lawn, garden and pool. This is achieved by having us remove the fruit stalks before they mature during the cleaning process.


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The cleaning process involves the removal of dead fronds and seed pods which will restore the look and appeal of your palms. Our expert team can prune, shape and clean messy palms and are able to fit through and work within very tight and confined spaces. Depending on the height of the palm, specialised accessibility equipment may be required. This helps to reach the area of the palm tree that needs attention.

So call us anytime to speak to one of our fully qualified tree experts. We can offer advice or arrange a time for us to visit your home or business to assess what is required.

When palms get old and unsightly or they are diseased or storm damaged, consider our palm tree removal service. It may be timely to have them removed completely to make way for a new fresh design or use for the space. We have the equipment and the experience to provide a complete one stop shop experience.

Probably one of our most important commitments is to tidying up after ourselves. We will ensure that any mess is cleaned up and safely removed, as a result of this focus we have a lot of happy clients.


Limitless Tree Solutions removed two palm trees and one other small tree and lopped the overhanging branches from another tree. I was satisfied with the work done and I would be happy to recommend them.

Dan - Chelmer, QLD